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The essence of time tracking is to reduce labor costs, increase compliance and employee productivity. Doing things efficiently is the only path.

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Time Entry Options

Flapps gives you and your employees a range of options on how to track time. From manual daily entry to weekly timesheet view, it only takes a few clicks to get the work recorded. Other options include a time tracker, clock-in clock out and exception-based automatic time tracking. Together with monthly, weekly or custom timesheet periods, it gives you real flexibility to adjust this tool according to your company needs and not the other way around.

Timesheet Locking and Approvals

Create your organization’s hierarchy of employees, line managers and project managers in Flapps and configure the timesheet locking and approval process. Choose a standard “employee submit – manager approve – HR close” process or a 4-step approval adding a project manager OK into the process as well. Timesheet locking makes sure the historical data and reports are not tampered with.

Employee Notifications and Reminders

Let’s be honest, tracking time is often an employee activity that is frequently overlooked when it should be a top concern. Flapps comes with a set of fully customizable reminders to perform different time tracking related tasks, from logging hours, submitting timesheets and approving the time off or a timesheet. Reminders are precisely targeted at employees with a certain responsibility and are sent only if was not done. Turning reminders on significantly increases the employee time tracking compliance and helps to achieve an accurate on-time payroll schedule.

Permissions and Restrictions

Flapps comes with enterprise-level access rights principles built-in to help control what employees can see and what they can do with the app. Each employee is assigned a user role position within the organizational structure and the project(s) team. A company can set what features or reports employees can use, what projects they can log the work to, what paid time off they can request, who can access what settings, who can monitor the project status and reports, plus what part of the company time off calendar they have access to and much more.


Expense Tracking

Company or project expenses, Flapps lets you track them accurately. Breaking expenses down into custom categories and time periods, expense reports are always at your fingertips. Client expenses flow to the project tracking to accurately calculate project profit and to bill the client. Expense tracking comes with the approval and reimbursement process.

Employee Time Clock

Flapps takes the tried and trusted premise of the employee time clock and gives it a modern twist with our mobile attendance version of that idea. Using the flexible Flapps time tracking software, we allow companies to implement a modern version of the clock in and out box that was a mainstay of companies during the last century. All you need is a 3G or WIFI enabled Android device and our Flapps time tracking software and you are good to go. To find out more check out our blog series focused on this feature.

Single Sign-On

Flapps gives you the option to use a Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. The SSO allows users to log in with their Google apps account or similar SAML enabled account to gain access to a connected system or systems, in this case Flapps, without the need for different usernames or passwords.
As companies continue to move away from the pervious model of using directory service, i.e. several passwords to access internal and external applications, they are turning to the single sign-on option. Implementing SSO in your company will have many benefits including enhanced security, faster login protocol and reduced costs to your IT department due to a lower number of password related problems. If you want to find out more please contact a member of our support team.

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