Your Data is Secure With Us

Security is of paramount importance here at Flapps. Read on and see what we do to keep your data secure and accessible.

Cloud Hosting by Amazon AWS

Flapps is hosted on the Amazon Elastic Cloud Network. If you are a geek like we are, then you will want to read this.

In short, Amazon has setup a super secure, super reliable computer network that allows us to store your data securely and safely with regular backups. It also means that FLAPPS will always be there when you need it.

You can always check our server’s health online at, look for EC2 Ireland.

256-bit SSL Security

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) means your connection to FLAPPS is private and protected from outside eyes. Comodo, a world renowned online security firm, maintains the certificate we use on the website.

Increase security by turning on IP filtering

We here at Flapps take security seriously. We have built an additional security feature that allows customers to limit access to Flapps from computers with specific IP addresses. That way if the system does not recognize the computer you are on, it won’t let you in. Period.

Daily Backups and 24/7 Monitoring

FLAPPS is serious about backups too. Your data is backed up in real time to two separate data centers at the same time. We also run daily backups once a day. This overlap in data backup means your data is safe.

FLAPPS servers are monitored 24/7/365.

Security Penetration Testing

With each major Flapps update, we do internally or we call in a third-party security firm to run rounds of security penetration tests to make sure that Flapps is bullet proof.