About Us

We are passionate about creating the next gen, complex yet flexible enterprise SaaS solutions that help our customers and their employees succeed.

What is Flapps?

Flapps stands for Flexible Applications. It expresses our core philosophy of creating the complex yet flexible enterprise applications. Because this is what our multinational enterprise customers need – applications which:

  • solve their business problems,
  • meet their complex mutli-country performance, compliance and security requirements, and
  • are flexible to help them cope with frequent business and organizational changes easily.

In addition, this philosophy leads to two major additional benefits for our customers:

  • short implementation times when compared to the standard enterprise solutions, and
  • significantly lower TCO.

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We began our first enterprise time tracking project in 2000 alongside one of the Big 5 consulting companies for a giant telco client. A few years later we teamed up with the world’s largest PC maker on a project to create an Absence Tracking Tool.

We evolved into Flapps in 2010 when we created an online version of our product and our software made its way out of the corporate data centers and into the cloud.

Flapps grew from a small start-up to a company that serves the clients all over the world and we now proudly work alongside several Fortune 100 companies.

We have been obsessed with time tracking ever since we took our first steps into the world of enterprise software and have been working extensively to help the companies evolve their time tracking proficiency.

At Flapps we are passionate about our product and this shines through in our commitment to our clients.



Minds Behind Flapps


CEO & Co-Founder

Taras is the man behind the Flapps strategy, product management and enterprise customer success. He oversees the global operations to make sure all the wheels are moving in the right direction. He loves designing features, but you can often find him on live chat supporting the clients.


Senior Developer

Daniel is our most senior developer at Flapps. He lives and breathes our software and is the main man in our tech department. He is responsible for all the technical aspects of Flapps working smoothly. He likes coding, does not like his picture to be taken 🙂


Creative Brand Builder

For Silvia, creative support of our brand means zillions of clicks, lots of scrolling and a very careful choice of relevant information which she publishes in a new shape and colour. For Flapps this means every day a growth in popularity backed-up by real life business stories and practical information about HR trends. If you are part of the LinkedIn HR Leaders community, keep in expectation! Silvia will most likely find you 🙂





Miso is our problem catcher and provides both Flapps, and our clients with an incredibly important service because he is responsible for making sure our software runs smoothly. Miso tests all our new features making sure to catch all the little bugs before we launch them. When he is not bug hunting Miso enjoys movies, books, technology and sports.



Software Architect

Peter has been the brains behind Flapps’ application architecture since the very beginning. He is responsible for the whole infrastructure, backups and security of servers in the data centers. When not developing software, he splits his free time between walking his dog and making the best bolognese sauce.


Graphic Designer

Martin is our resident Photoshop and Illustrator wizard. Combined with his great taste for design, he is a valuable member of our team.





Customer Support

Matus is a veteran of customer support overseeing medium and large accounts and the SLAs compliance making sure we deal with all the issues on time or faster. No request is too big or too small for him. An extremely organized person, we’re very happy to have him.


Customer Support and Back Office

Lenka helps the clients with on-boarding and employee data entry. She is the one that will get you up and running fast. Among her responsibilities is to make sure we are stocked enough with the coffee. A true lifesaver.

Office Playground

Introducing our inspiring working space where we freely breathe and live our company culture.